Monstruosus Planters

We are Monstruosus

We love plants in all their wild differences. We appreciate the majesty of the plant world: its randomness and surprise.
At Monstruosus, we craft simple, purposeful, indoor and outdoor slip-cast ceramic planters for discerning plant-lovers. Made by humans. Made to last.

Monstruosus Planters

Grow Wild with Chiaozza

Our ceramic planters simplicity and ample forms allow your plants to grow wild and celebrate their beauty. We sat down with the New-York based design duo to discuss the inspiration for our recent collaboration. Get rooted. Find your sun. Grow wild.

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Our Products

Each Monstruosus ceramic planter is hand crafted to ensure they are consistently and durably formed, sculpted, fired, and refined. We sweat the details, in design and production and thoughtfully craft ceramic clay planters for discerning plant-lovers. But above all, we take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship and our pieces. Monstruosus planters are made by humans. made to last.

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Monstruosus Planters