Timeless Ceramic Planters for Indoor Outdoor Use in 2022

Timeless Ceramic Planters for Indoor Outdoor Use in 2022


Plants have certainly become the prime decor accessory nowadays. Every plant lover, whether a brand new plant mom or a tried and tested one, would like their plants to be healthy and happy. You might wonder whether you must invest in modern ceramic planters. If yes, which one can fit well into your home or office for indoor and outdoor use? 

There is a wide range of planters and pots available on the market, from stone to steel, concrete, and plastic.

What are planters made out of?

  • Concrete planters
  • Fiberglass planters
  • Plastic planters
  • Ceramic planters
  • Terracotta planters
  • Foam planters

    Well! First, you must understand how ceramic planters are made, and what sets them apart from the rest. 

    What is a Modern Ceramic Planter?

    The ceramic planters might look like a usual clay pot with a coat of paint. But, it's not just a coat of paint for coloring. It has a purpose. The modern planters are coated with a glaze to stop the clay from drying quickly, as in an un-glazed clay pot. Monstruosus Planters are manually glazed with a matte lacquer. 

    Ceramic pots are made of finely textured, light-colored clay, and then glazed; fired in a kiln at a high temperature to reduce the porosity of the clay and vulnerability to external elements such as sunlight or extreme rain. 

    Advantages of Ceramic Planters

    Ceramic planters look more stunning and stylish than pots made from other types of materials. You can use them for home decor like bedrooms, and living rooms, outdoors, as well as on the outdoor patio deck. The damage rate is less than the other planter materials. The pot's body doesn't alter, change shape, or keep much moisture. It's also durable and is the ideal option for plant growth. 

    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants 

      Ceramic planters are extremely adaptable and durable. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. Keep them in the hallway, bedroom, balcony, kitchen counter, and on the patio decks, blends perfectly with every space. They help to keep indoor plants healthy and protect the plants in outdoor areas from heat. Steel planters get rust outside, whereas wooden planters can break easily. However, modern ceramic planters are in better condition throughout the year.

      • Add a refined look to your home

        Large ceramic planters can evoke a more pleasant aesthetic. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors; they easily blend with your existing decor. To give a unique look to a modern design, you can choose certain planter colors to create a stunning combination of colors based on your color theme.

        A ceramic planter could serve as a centerpiece in a foyer or lobby. Add ceramic pots to your yard to create a more lively, intriguing feel.  

        • They are a perfect complement to plants

          Since contemporary ceramic planters are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, they are perfect for any modern or traditional decor. The simple and timeless lines easily adapt to any decor. If you like sleek, clean lines, modern planter pots could be used to balance a variety of flowers and plants to enhance the overall style and ambiance of various spaces. 

          • Versatile and flexible designs.

            Ceramic planters can give the appearance of a modern, elegant design to outdoor and indoor areas while delivering the most authentic style and flexibility for the years to come.

            In order to let your plants grow wild, Monstruosus planters are a brilliant choice. They improve the appeal of any flower or plant and make any space look more beautiful by adding an elegant and vibrant design. Monstruosus Modern planters have distinctive qualities like visual appeal, practicality, and adaptability.

            Monstruosus Planters

            Monstruosus ceramic planters come in variable shapes, sizes, and colors. They are hand-crafted to ensure quality and durability, then manually sculpted, refined, glazed, and fired to make them suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Their neutral colors can easily blend with your theme and complement your home decor. Crafted in different sizes that can emphasize every corner of your home. Choose the Monstruosus Planter from their striking collection of planters and take pride in healthy and beautiful plants. 

            1. Model One Ceramic Planter


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            • Colors: White, Black, Paprika, and Saffron.

            • Price: $195

            • Size: Small, Medium, Large

            • Weight: 20 lbs

            • Material: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

            • Features: Hand-crafted, Suitable for indoors and outdoors

            • Drainage - No hole

            • Shipping - Free Nationwide


            The cylindrical ceramic planter is a simple, and elegant piece for your home, office, or outdoor space. The edges are polished and sculpted with care to deliver the best. A minimal addition that will complement every plant or be used as a tabletop to give a more Pinterest vibe.

            2. Model Two Ceramic Planter


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            • Colors Available: White, Black, Paprika, and Saffron.

            • Price: $295

            • Size: Small, Medium, Large

            • Weight: 21 lbs

            • Material Used: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

            • Features: Conical shape saves floor space, Handcrafted, Available in a range of sizes and colors.

            • Drainage - No hole

            • Shipping - Free Nationwide


            Your plants are exposed to the sun all day long, and this ceramic planter honors this. The conical design of the planter is tapered and expands upwards from a small base to a large opening, giving ample space for watering and helping to maintain your plants. This stunning hand-crafted planter reduces floor space while accommodating the intricate roots of your garden.

            3. Model Three Ceramic Planter


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            • Colors: White, Black, Paprika, and Saffron.

            • Price: $235

            • Size: Small, Medium, Large

            • Weight: 11 lbs

            • Materials: Matte glazed earthenware ceramic.

            • Features: Hand-crafted, Indoor, and Outdoor use

            • Drainage - No hole

            • Shipping - Free Nationwide


            This striking contemporary ceramic planter is a combination of two distinct shapes: an elongated cone with a circular cylindrical shape. You can see the potters have done a brilliant job on the wheel of their potter. Place this unique large ceramic planter piece indoors and outdoors. You can toss it at your patio deck, washroom area, or living room. 

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            Why Should You Choose Monstruosus Planters? 

            • Perfect for both indoor & outdoor    

            • More color options and style    

            • Lower risk of damage than plastic or terra cotta pots

            • No fading

            • Hand-crafted to chase its durability    

            • A better choice for those who might be prone to over-watering.    

            • Less prone to attack by elements (if kept outdoors)    


            Why is Monstruosus Planters' quality Superior?

            You might save money by opting for less expensive plastic planters. Plastic and fiberglass planters, however, are not environmentally friendly because they are not biodegradable and are made with toxic materials. Other planter materials like wood, or metal are prone to water damage and inclined to fade and split or crack when exposed to adverse conditions.

            Each Monstruosus planter is hand-crafted by expert potters and ensures its detailing, design, and durability. All of our planters are made using a slip-cast mold with fine clay, shaved and carved on the potter’s wheel. They are properly refined, glazed, and fired to get the desired product so that plants can enjoy their growth in these versatile sizes of planters.

            The process is crucial to making the piece sturdy, high-end planters that customers expect and appreciate. 


            Where can you find Modern Planter Pots?

            You can simply visit www.monstruosus.com. Click on the "add to cart" and then the "checkout" button to place the order. Fill in your contact information and shipping address to facilitate the delivery process. Special care is taken to ensure your privacy is well-protected. Add the planters you love to your shopping cart. Delivery is safe and convenient.

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