About Our Company

Slip-cast Ceramic planters.

crafted ceramics for discerning plant-lovers.

who we are.

We are Monstruosus; we craft simple, purposeful, indoor and outdoor slip-cast clay pots that are meant to live with you for as long as you love your plants.

what is monstruosus?

Mother Nature’s hand sometimes lends a wild beauty to some of her creations. This includes the Monstruosus; a variety of cactus that grows with a natural deformation. We formed Monstruosus because we love plants in all their differences – their twisted nature, randomness, and surprising transformations. And we craft pots, planters, and stands to support them at every stage of growth.

what inspires us?

Our designs honor a strong lineage of Mid-Century American ceramic craftsmanship. The timeless proportions of the world’s best architecture; be it classical, modern or contemporary, forms our DNA. With this philosophy in mind, we’re confident that our planters stand the test of time and trends.

what's our process?

Chemically speaking, clay is just “dirty glass”. But from start to finish, our process is nothing but pure. Monstruosus ceramics are slip-cast from clay, mined as close as possible to its source. By doing this, we minimize the accumulation of minerals that would otherwise taint its pure white base. Once the clay arrives at our studio, we pay close attention to many variables that could affect its elasticity. Some of these include: the season, daily temperature and humidity, in addition to the clay’s fluctuating chemical makeup. Our casters use their sixth sense, or what some may call, “caster intuition” to respond to these qualities. Each piece is hand crafted to ensure our planters are consistently and durably formed, sculpted, fired, and refined. We sweat the details, in design and production and thoughtfully craft ceramic clay planters for discerning plant-lovers. But above all, we take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship and our pieces. Monstruosus planters are made by humans. Made to last.