Model One

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Model One


(Cylinder Ceramic Planters)

As a geometric form, the cylinder comprises an infinite curvilinear surface that has established a timeless allure: from the columns of the Athenian acropolis to a soup can in your local grocery store. It’s tested and true. Our handcrafted Model 1 earthenware planter exudes a similar groundedness that makes it a stately addition to home or office. To achieve a placid, uninterrupted surface that compels the eye to follow its perimeter, our professional casters at Monstruosus meticulously sponge and sculpt the Model 1 before it’s fired in the kiln, bringing a bit of poetry to the objective science of geometry.


Monstruosus ceramics are made by humans, not machines. Each piece is handcrafted using a slip-cast mold. Our experienced casters begin this intensive process by creating a wet, viscous clay slurry that is poured into a plaster mold. Once the clay is “leather hard” they free the planter from its mold and shave it, sculpt its lip, and sponge its sides to achieve a refined texture. After drying for a couple of days, the planter is transported to the kiln where it’s baked at just under 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, the clay undergoes a chemical transformation that activates its natural silica deposits, hardening it into a durable shell. They then spray it with a matte glaze and fire in the kiln once more to activate its vitreous enamel finish.

Care & Use

Planters are intended for indoor and outdoor use. Due to the expanding properties of frozen water in soil, planters left outdoors may crack if left in temperatures that dip below freezing. Handle with care and do not drop on a hard surface. Monstruosus planters will not discolor. When cleaning, do not use supplies with pumice or grit, as it may harm or diminish the glaze.


Matte glazed earthenware ceramic. Made by humans. Made to last.