Nendo: Brilliant Experimentation in Design

Enjoy life, day by day, surrounded by useful and beautiful objects.


The world-renowned Nendo studio has devoted years to the innovation and redesign of everyday objects. Nendo, the Japanese name of this firm is translated as “molding clay” and really, molding is what this firm does, not only visually, but also functionally, using minimalism and often humor in its furniture designs.


Oki Sato, its founder, has internationalized the firm and today, his creations are viewed as expressions of the contemporary Japanese style. His work encompasses countless fields, such as home decor, interior design, industrial design and graphic design. The studio’s focus is design solutions for multiple industries and customers in a way that is simple, comfortable, and beautiful.

The minimalists that work at Nendo have a key distinction: every object thoughtfully considers a person’s use and interaction; from doors to kitchen utensils. He always finds ways to transform everyday objects to create special “moments”. The artist attributes a constant search in the Studio’s design output as the development of a special connection between people and things. An example being, the minimalists fluoroelastomer creations from the “Air Lids” collection. By rethinking how the lid of a container works, the simple act of pouring liquid turns into a special experience. Squeeze the flexible lid and a spoon will pop-out which allows the user to serve sugar or powder. By pressing the side of the lid of another container from the same collection, a hole will open up, allowing the liquid it contains to escape.

Sato’s creations have revolutionized not only shapes and style, but the way we think about, use and interact with everyday objects.

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